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About Fran Monks

I am a portrait photographer who loves to work with available light. I enjoy the challenge of making the best possible image, whatever the setting. In fact, I find that an unpredictable setting, with difficult conditions, is what really gets the creative juices flowing.

I am also passionate about using photography and image-making to have a positive impact in the world. Please take a look at my other site, How to Make a Difference, which is an on-going, 15 year long, project to interview and photograph people who are changing the world in different ways.

Previous and current clients include:

BBC History Magazine, World Histories, BBC Focus Magazine, BBC Wildlife Magazine – Keble, St Peter’s, Exeter and Nuffield Colleges, Oxford – The Ashmolean Museum, Oxford – The Financial Times – The Media Trust – Priestman Goode Design Agency – Oxford Festival of the Arts

Exhibitions, publications and prizes highlights:

2018  – Maison de L’international, Le Jardin de Ville, Grenoble City – “One Day Without Us” images.

2017  – Two portraits exhibited in “The Full Picture” exhibition in the Bodleian Library, Oxford.

2017  – The Gratitude Project Exhibition as part of the Oxford Festival of the Arts.

2014  – Winner of the Oxford, Canal Art Competition.

2012  – Solo Exhibition at Turl Street Kitchen, Oxford: How to Make a Difference.

2011  – World Photography Exhibition, Somerset House, London, image from Royal Wedding.

2011  – Publication of the book How to Make a Difference.

2009 – Solo Exhibition at Venetia’s, Hackney: Entering Motherhood.

2009  – How to Make a Difference TV documentary for the Community Channel.

2009  – Prize winner in the international photography competition: Fresh M.I.L.K.

My images have been published in the Guardian, the Washington Post, New York Times, Reader’s Digest, Forbes, US News, Smithsonian, the Telegraph, the Independent, BBC Online, PBS & Radio Times.

I am based in Oxford, UK, but can travel. I even speak rusty Chinese and Japanese!